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Poudre School District Urban Wildlife Data: Communities, Cameras, & Conservation

Nov 22, 2019-Jan 16, 2020 | All Day

Communities, Cameras, and Conservation (CCC) started as research on Front Range mountain lions and has grown into a collaborative citizen science research project that uses students to monitor local wildlife through a network of remote cameras at Poudre School District school sites and nearby parks.  The program is supported by Rocky Mountain Cat Conservancy, Colorado State University, and Poudre School District and funded by National Science Foundation and Environmental Protection Agency Environmental Education grants for students to use data from heat-motion activated camera traps that photograph local wildlife in their natural habitat, “wildlife selfies”, to deepen their understanding of science concepts, scientific research, and data analysis skills.

Photo data helps researchers and wildlife managers better understand the types of animals that live in an area, proximity to humans, and movement patterns.  The images may also help determine the size of animals and if they have young. These data and other photographs are helpful with gaining information such as the number of animals in an area, territories and overall health of our wildlife species.

The Poudre School District middle school students collect and analyze urban wildlife data collected by field cameras located at school sites and nearby natural areas.  Students engage with the photos to pose ecological questions, deepen their understanding of science concepts and scientific research, and utilize data analysis skills.

Foothills is proud to present this collection of work along the interior corridor near the Macy’s entrance, from November 22 – January 16th.